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Looking for a current and professional plus-size store that caters to both men and women in Taunton, Massachusetts? How about a store that also carries active wear, stylish accessories and understands your needs as a curvaceous woman or big & tall man? Varela Apparel has an excellent assortment of plus-size apparel in various sizes and styles to accommodate all varying body shapes. We believe in living your size and want to make your shopping experience rewarding and satisfying with the highest quality of customer service.

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Live Your Size

Varela Apparel is a plus-size clothing store that was opened in May of 2014. The owners and founders, Tony and Michael Varela, saw a startling absence of stylish yet affordable plus-size clothing for men and women. It seemed that any plus-size clothing they would find was way over priced. There had to be a solution, and when one was not found, Tony and Micheal decided they would start their own business and Varela Apparel was founded! Now there is a solution in Taunton, Massachusetts for those with style and curves. Come visit us today!